In tough times like these, we tend to pray “fix-it” prayers. We want God to quickly fix or remove our problems so life can “get back to normal.”

But what if God wants to accomplish something through difficult days?

What if God is fulfilling His promises through trying times?

What if He has a purpose beyond today’s pressing problems?

What would happen if we began to seek God to fulfill His purpose beyond the immediate issues?

What if we began asking Him to fulfill His promises in the lives of others? What if we learned to pray with Biblical hope?

That’s what Seek God for the City is all about. For 40 days leading up to Palm Sunday, we will be joining thousands of other Christians and churches in focused prayer for the fulfillment of God’s purposes and promises. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to Seek God for the City!

Don’t outsource your praying to a handful of “prayer experts” (whoever that is?). Learn how to shift from “fix-it” prayers to “fulfillment” prayers. Experience the blessing of praying biblical promises of hope. And remember, we pray better together! So take a simple step of faith and join the journey.

How can you join in this exciting prayer journey to Palm Sunday? By simply following the Seek God for the City 2019 Prayer Guide. There you’ll find daily Bible readings and relevant prayers from the promises of Scripture. Each day has a specific prayer focus.

You can pick up a hard copy of the Prayer Guide at the Church or download the app (Seek God for the City 2019) for only $0.99. Children’s Guides are also available here

Are you ready to change the way you pray?

Do you want to learn how to pray with Biblical hope? Grab a Prayer Guide and Seek God for the City during this exciting 40-Day journey to Palm Sunday. The journey begins Wednesday, March 6!