Let's begin this exciting journey together through the Bible as a church family. This is not your ordinary “through the Bible” reading plan. Our 91 Weeks Together With Jesus will be based upon the "Know the Word" daily Bible reading and study plan, developed by Alliance Pastor John Soper. "Know the Word" was designed to help people develop regular Bible reading habits while discovering the deep riches of Scripture. The journey involves logging into the Mission 119 website or using the app on your phone/device, reading selected passages each day (5 days a week), and then listening to a related 10-minute study commentary by Pastor Soper. We are asking everyone at USCAC to join together in this journey of discovery and growth. We are trusting God to use this experience to further open our hearts to the work of his Spirit, in and through us, to advance His kingdom. I personally encourage you to participate in this journey together with Jesus!   ....Pastor Bob

Quick Start Information/Links

  Mission119 Mission 119 Website
Pdf Icon Adobe Red   Scripture Reading Guide      Pdf Icon Adobe Red   Scripture Reading Pocket Guide         
Pdf Icon Adobe Red    Partner Guide
Once you have Registered and set up a User Name and Password:
  • Select the specific Week & Day to study, from drop-downs (Mission 119 site will remember where you left off if you indicate that you have finished each day by clicking "square" on upper right of the window and then the red "skip" button.)
  • Read the assigned Bible passages
  • Listen to the audio commentary from Pastor Soper
  • View or print study notes 
  • Check in with your partner or growth group

(Mission 119 site/app will remember where you left off, if you indicate that you have finished each day by clicking the "square" on upper right corner of the window and then the red "skip" button to skip your option to submit a review of the study.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to participate?

  • Internet Access (Computer or Mission 119 Smartphone App -  read scripture, listen to audio commentary by Pastor John Soper and view optional study guides and notes.)
  • Scripture Reading Guide (dated weekly reference that can be printed, see links above)
  • Bible (any translation) 

What can I do to prepare?

  • Read the Partner Guide  (includes answers to questions you may have, as well as helpful ideas to connect with others for this journey)
  • Encourage your friends to participate! (We're asking everyone to find at least one other person to share the journey with or to form a small group to help keep each other accountable.)
  • Register and Set up a User Name and Password (signing in enables the program to update/track your reading progress)

How much time will it take each day to read the assigned passages and listen to the commentary?  

  • Approximately 20-30 minutes - 5 days per week.

Will this journey cost me anything?

  • Yes!  Your time for 91 weeks, however, the benefits of being in God's Word on a consistent basis over a long period of time will far exceed that investment.

If I don't have a computer, can I still participate? 

  • Absolutely! Pick up a copy of the Partner Guide and Scripture Reading Guide at Information Center.
  • Computer/App Users: Please consider inviting someone without internet access to partner with you. This will provide them the added benefit of hearing Pastor Soper's weekly teaching, available only online.