No matter how old you are or how long you have been a Christian, we believe you should always be growing.  We offer classes on Sunday morning that will help you do just that.  Pick the one that's right for you!

Spring Quarter:  March 5 - May 28, 2017

 9:30 AM  The Bondage BreakerBondage Breaker

Jesus came to set us free. But the Bible warns repeatedly that all Christians will struggle against Satan and his spiritual forces of darkness. While the spiritual conflict within you is very real, the way to victory is just as tangible. In this twelve-week series, you will learn the whys and hows of spiritual warfare and expose the deceptive tactics employed by Satan. And, most importantly, you will learn that Jesus Christ is our Bondage Breaker. His power and his truth can lead you to overcome even the most stubborn sins and private struggles.

Teacher:  Tim Ferguson    Location:  Room 9   

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Casket Empty11:00 AM  Casket Empty II Old Testament Study

Does the Old Testament ever feel like an assortment of disconnected Bible stories to you? Do you find yourself wondering how people like David and Jonah really tie into the New Testament? Is there really some semblance or order to the books of the Old Testament, and what were the "northern" and "southern" kingdoms anyway? If you have ever pondered any of these types of questions, then come join us as we study the Old Testament as part of God's redemptive plan of history.  

Using Dr. Carol Kaminski's Casket Empty Study Guide, we will focus on the kings and the prophets. The key events, people, and books of this time period will be explored and placed in chronological sequence. This will help promote a solid understanding of this extensive portion of Israel's history, all with a view of Jesus as the center of God's unfolding plan. While this study is a continuation from a previously offered class, don't hesitate to attend as a sufficient review will be provided before delving into the new material.


Teacher:   Bryan Nelson    Location:  Room 9

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The book is not required for the class. Link below provided for more information.

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