Discovery Land is on break from August 20-September 3.  Children's Church will be offered during 2nd service on August 20th and September 3.   We will begin again on September 10!  See you there!

Time - 11:00 AM


Nursery Class: Ages 1-2 (Upper Level)

Preschool: Ages 3 - PreK (Upper Level)

K - 2nd Grade: Check-in at Fellowship Hall (Upper Level)  Pick-up in Room 2 & 3 (Lower Level)

3 - 5th Grade: Check-in at Fellowship Hall (Upper Level)  Pick-up in Room 7 (Upper Level)

Welcome to Discovery Land! Our goal is to provide your children with a quality, kid-friendly Christian education in a safe environment. Your child will ‘walk through’ the Bible every three years. Discovery Land is a year-round program where we focus on the Old Testament in the summer and fall, and the New Testament in the winter and spring.

Students will discover eternal truths in God’s Word through hands-on learning and through spending time digging into God’s Word. They will explore God’s special purpose for their lives, be equipped to apply the truths they have learned, and learn to understand a Biblical Worldview.

Discovery Land is a family based curriculum, in which all classes from 1 year old to 5th grade learn the same lessons and Biblical truths. Each Sunday, a take home paper is provided. Parents are encouraged to do the family challenge with their children in order to reinforce the truths they learned.

(Upper St. Clair Alliance Church is a “Safe Place”. All Children Ministry volunteers are screened. Safety armbands are used for Nursery/preschoolers.)

Come join the fun!